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Our thermal imaging professionals can identify a wide range of problems that are not visible to the naked eye. Damaged insulation or electrical overheating, we can find and solve all issues.

A home energy inspection is needed when you start seeing unusually high energy bills. Locating where the heating and cooling deficiencies are in your structure are imperative, and luckily our thermal imaging helps show where your structure is missing insulation or where it is poorly installed. We can help you see things that are not visible to the naked eye. North Eastern uses state of the art technology to detect damaged heating systems, broken seals on windows, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, electrical faults and much more. We will provide you will a full detailed explanation of our findings in a report that is extremely user-friendly. As a result, you will have all the knowledge necessary to plan out any and all improvements and repairs with ease!


In the aftermath of a fire or flood, some of your most treasured contents like photos or books can get ruined. Call North Eastern to help restore your documents and contents back to life!


Thanks to years of paper recovery experience and development of proprietary document restoration processes, North Eastern can help you save all sensitive and sentimental documents you may have thought were lost with our document recovery techniques. As the industry leader in property restoration and disaster recovery, our specialists are also trained and experienced in hard content and soft content restoration. Thanks to advances in technology and equipment, we can restore most contents including (but not limited to):

• Books, Files, Magazines, Manuscripts
• China and Jewelry
• Archives, Special Collections, Library Materials
• Audio Tapes, Video Tapes
• Blueprints, Drawings, Maps, Plans
• Compact Discs, Diskettes, Laser Discs, • • Magnetic Media
• Data Files, Vital Records
• Film, Negatives, Photographs, Slides
• Microfiche, Microfilm
• Parchment
• Vellum
• Whiteprints
• X-rays​​
• Clothing (including suits, shoes, bed linens)


• Straightening, Realignment, Trimming, • Reprocessing – To remove or repair portions of permanent damage.
• Re-matting and Framing
• Rebinding and Leather Repairs
• Re-Jacketing – Vital contents removed from damaged folders or jackets and replaced with new ones.
• Document Copying & Imaging – To replace damaged records.
• De-acidification