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Bio-Hazard Trauma

We're trained to handle bio-hazard & trauma scene cleanup as well.


Most people are unaware of just how hazardous any crime scene can be. Even if the victim was a friend or family member, it hardly means there are no dangers present. There are dozens of pathogens and diseases that can be transmitted through blood and bodily fluids during the crime scene cleanup process. Some of these, do not show any signs or symptoms for years, so the host carrier may not have even known they were infected. It is imperative that crime scene cleanup is performed by professionals to make sure the scene is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly to prevent exposure to future occupants. Did you know diseases like Hepatitis can live outside the body for weeks and still be contagious? This is even if the blood was wiped away and improper disinfection techniques were used. Do not take chances!


• Odor removal due to dead body decomposition
• Blood removal/Decontamination services
•Homicide cleanup/Suicide cleanup
• Medical waste disposal/Bio-hazard waste disposal
• Drug Laboratory Cleanup


1. The individual(s) cleaning the blood spill need to use the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), (e.g. water impervious gloves, outerwear, goggles, etc.)
2. Spray the blood contaminated surfaces with a 1-10 solution of bleach and water.
3. Absorb and remove all traces of the spill with paper towels or other acceptable materials (Micro-encapsulation absorbent).
4. Re-spray the cleaned area with the bleach solution and allow to air dry.
5. Place all waste materials, including disposable PPE, into a plastic, autoclavable biohazard bag, being careful not to contaminate the outside of the bag.

Mattresses, rugs, and other large items that cannot fit in a bio-hazard bag can be wrapped in plastic wrap after being decontaminated. This type of waste cannot be discarded through the regular trash service and must be taken to a bio-hazard facility or landfill.

• Call our North Eastern experts to assist you!
• Do not attempt to clean up the area yourself- it is not worth the risk.
• Leave the windows closed and the structure secure. We will handle the odor.
• Strongly discourage anyone form sorting through belongings until the area is made safe.