A Cleaner Earth is a Greener Earth

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

The latter-half of October was filled with many unifying holidays. There's #SpiritDay, #WorldFoodDay, #UnitedNationsDay, and everyone's favorite, #Halloween.

These holidays bring this world together as so many cultures have blended and created a global nation of people.

The main thing that we all have in common is our planet. Earth is out home and it needs our help more than ever. #GoGreen has been an initiate that North Eastern Cleaning & Restoration will always push to help secure a better tomorrow.

Take Your Bike or Walk to Work

Did you know that a majority of cities and small towns are now focused on those who choose to walk and bike-ride?

These forms of transportation are completely #green and use up no electricity or fossil fuels. They're also pretty much free to do so.

And also depending on where you live, you don't even need to buy a bike, many cities now have bike-share programs.

Drink that Tap Water

Americans spent about $13 billion dollars last year on bottled water. That leads to the use of plastics leading to more trash and the money from our wallets being sucked up and wasted when we have perfectly hydrating water coming out of our sinks.

Now, it's understandable if you live in an area with poor tap water to buy bottled water, however, if you live in an area that is well-equipped with healthy drinking water, just grab a mug and open the faucet.

If drinking straight from the tap isn't something you're comfortable with, invest in a filter for your tap and enjoy a brisk delicious sip of nice refreshing water.

Use Reusable Bags

Having a environmentally-safe option that allows a reusable, options that won't help fill-up landfills is something everyone should have. Some places even charge some cents for use of their plastic bags, so you're even saving some money.

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