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If we want to answer this question thoroughly, first we must understand what mold is, how it got there and how to get rid of it.

Mold can be defined as fungi which grow in hyphae form. For mold to grow the following conditions must be met;

Mold spores, source of food like cotton, drywall or wood, darkness, warmth, oxygen, moisture as well as enough time for growth. The key cause of mold growth in a home is moisture.


Humidity Humid is the key cause of mold growth as high humidity acts as food for the mold.

Leaking pipes Leaks from water pipes also cause mold growth and it worsens if the leaks are not detected. Such is dangerous as mold starts growing before the leaking can be detected.

Condensation Cold surfaces at home may lead to condensation. Condensation simply forms on metal pipes with cold and also concrete floors. Under carpets may also experience condensation which later leads to mold growth.

Poor ventilation Poorly ventilated homes may result in stagnant air which is moist and hence result in mold growth.


Mold remediation process entails five steps which include:

Knowledge on moisture Mold growth assessment goes beyond the black/green things spotted growing on the walls. It might be growing around and behind the things in your house. The first step needed is you to understand the cause behind the growth of mold then secondly become a moisture master.

Documentation of mold problem and creation of remediation plan Before starting off mold remediation, have a documentation of mold occurrence with video, photos and writing.

Calculate contamination extent Mold at times spread out to several places and therefore it is required that you analyze the contamination extends you are dealing with. This will have an impact on the way you approach the process of removing mold then clean up. The main aim for mold remediation is cleaning up any mold which is growing for avoidance of exposure of homeowners to mold.

The contamination and remediation of mold Remediation include cleaning up any mold in existence as well as avoiding homeowner exposure to mold. Remediation guidelines are in two divisions, level 1 and level 2 guidelines as per the size of the area the remediation is to be performed. For small area, remediation is done using level 1 guidelines while level 2 is used for larger areas.

However, for clean-up despite the infected area size, the process is done the same.

The actual steps in remediation include:

Repairing of the problem of leaking water for prevention of growth of new spores of mold.Isolation of the area contaminated with mold.Suppression of any available dust.Removal of any mold-damaged and wet materials.Clean all damp cloths, items and surfaces.Dry the materials to get off any mist or moisture left on the items.


It is possible that after the mold remediation mold can still come back. The possible reasons tied to the mold coming back include: underlying or resolved moisture problem.


In order to prevent re-occurrence of mold after remediation process the tips below are useful:

Ventilate the house well. Vent out of the house items producing moisture like stoves and cloth dryers.

Dry any part of the house which is wet immediately. If water leaks into the house dry it immediately before any mold sprouts again.

Importance of professional assistant in remediation

MOLD REMEDIATION should be performed effectively and therefore calls for the need of hiring a professional. Hiring a professional to carry out the process of mold remediation is of importance including:

Assurance of thorough removal of mold Mold is capable of growing everywhere provided there is presence of moisture. Therefore, hiring a certified mold remediation company is an assurance of thorough removal of mold as the work is done thoroughly unlike doing it by yourself.

Mitigation of spreading of the mold As un-professionals carry out the clean-up, spores of mold will get in the air and spread to other areas and contaminate them. Professional companies, on the other hand, have the necessary equipment and knowledge for deodorization, mitigation, and remediation.

Generally, mold can still get back after the remediation process and therefore to avoid such situations, consider hiring specialists and also employ the tips mentioned above.

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