Cleaning Tips from Our Network of Friends!

North Eastern Cleaning has partnered with a select few elite cleaning professionals to bring you a new set of tips that can make cleaning easier and faster!

"There are likely times when cleaning is just overwhelming. Breaking larger tasks up into bite-size pieces can really help you overcome the panic and feeling of being overwhelmed. I think most of us can spare ten minutes."

This tip is extremely helpful and intuitive- truly separating the experts from the amateurs.

"There are some things to remember when making green cleaners though. Some of the great natural ingredients shouldn’t be mixed. When somethings are mixed they can neutralize each other or even create a dangerous reaction."

Much like mixing ammonia and bleach, one should never mix unfamiliar or even familiar substances.

"Speaking of green cleaning ingredients, vinegar is one of my favorites! It can do so much and is totally safe. I buy it by the gallon I use so much of it.. you can now even buy pre-made vinegar cleaners! So those that aren’t into the DIY thing can still have awesome, safe cleaners. I love that great products like this are now hitting the market."

Always be on the lookout for discounts or price drops for any cleaning supplies. Saving you money is the NEC Way!

Sometimes things happen and our homes just get out of hand. Maybe it’s an illness or just too much on our plates. It happens and it can be overwhelming.

Always remember that while our tips can benefit you greatly, it always helps to contact our teams of professionals for any of your cleaning needs!

If you want to be on the safe side, and make sure that you get the best job possible, contact North Eastern Cleaning & Restoration

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We will assist you at any day, hour, or minute.

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