Deck the Halls with NEC Cheer!

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

North Eastern Cleaning is enjoying the holidays by doing nothing but cleaning and shoveling... AND WE LOVE IT! Remember: We get dirty so you don't have to!

We've scrambled some Holiday Tips to make the days leading into the New Year #easier and #cleaner!

Holiday Cleaning, Holiday Fun

- Dust collects everywhere. Furniture, clothes, even doormats! Making sure your guests are entering your house in a well-presented state is the most important for first impressions.

Make sure to clean your doormat, give your door a good scrubbing, and clean everything that's in the line of sight of an entryway.

- Don't neglect the bathrooms. Almost every visitor will make a pit stop there during their visit, maybe even more than once. Yes people do private things in there, Yes everyone does it, but that's no reason to not keep things tidy and clean. Scrub, scrub, scrub!

- Bad smells leave bad impressions. Sniff them out before guests arrive. There's always the chance one might become "nose blind", which means when we're exposed to a smell constantly, it is blocked out by our smell receptors and we become 'blind' to it. Leave a room and re-enter it after a few hours to find what smell can ail the area.

If things get too hectic during the large number of family gatherings, contact us, North Eastern Cleaning & Restoration, at (212) 461-4048 or at

We will assist you at any day, hour, or minute. If you also need snow removal, contact us anytime.

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