Ice Stress, Ice Mess.

Understanding how and when to remove snow is one of our expertise.

We've gathered some tips from our Professional Teams to help you during this winter season.

Move Snow Pile Drainage Pile snow and ice in an area where the run-off will drain to a safe location. This will prevent the run-off from becoming an additional hazard when it freezes again.

Plow After Hours Take advantage of the hours when the parking lot is empty of cars to remove snow, ice, slush and frozen run-off. Contractors should be available during these after-hour periods.

Coordinate Plowing and Parking When possible, direct people to park in lots that have already been plowed. This allows unplowed areas to be free for snow removal.

Clear Walkways in Parking Lots Clear paths in the parking lot for walking. Parking lots are difficult to keep completely free of ice and snow due to their size. Keeping a walking path clear reduces the opportunity and risk of falling.

Observe Thawing Periods This is a period of time often neglected for snow removal. Thawing snow and ice freezes again at night to create a hazard in the morning. Take advantage of thawing periods and remove all melting snow and ice.

Apply Salt and Sand Use salt, sand and alternative materials on areas that have been cleared of ice and snow. This practice slows down further accumulations. Sand provides some traction on ice.

Keeping employees and visitors safe every season, especially winter, should always be top of mind. Take immediate action to create a plan to remove snow and ice and minimize risk.

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