Water Damage: Big Deal?

Water Damage is one of the most annoying aspects of a flood. The fact of the matter is that people don't take it seriously.


The first step in any water damage clean up is locating the water source and stopping the leak. The next step is removing the water but this is always easier said than done. This is performed by deploying sump pumps which suck the water out of the flooded area. The reason that the water damage removal can be tricky is that depending on the source of the water, the water itself could be a hazard.

The water may be contaminated, toxic, or there can be a deadly electric current running through it. All factors must be considered, and appropriate precautions and accommodations must be made.


Once the water is removed, the affected area must be dried. Doing so is accomplished through the use of industrial air movers and fans. Rapidly circulating the air is the only way to efficiently dry waterlogged surfaces.

After drying the water from the water damaged area, the next step is removing the waterlogged materials. The drywall, carpet, tile, and appliances that have been soaked with water must be thrown out. This is a cumbersome process, but it is necessary as anything suffering from prolonged water exposure is usually no longer functional.


The final step in any water damage process is dehumidifying the area. After all the water and waterlogged materials have been removed a substation amount of moisture remains in the air of the affected area. To remove this excess moisture, commercial dehumidifiers must be deployed throughout the water damaged area.

Depending on the square footage the dehumidifiers may have to run for several hours to remove the harmful moisture from the air. If this step is not done, mold will inevitably start to grow, everywhere.

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