Your Winter Wonderland Tips

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

The season of Snow will soon be upon us, and North Eastern Cleaning knows how annoying this time of year can be for a lot of people.

Constant colds, icy roads, and snowed-in cars are never a fun thing. Don't be afraid to call us at 212-461-4048 or message us at if you need any assistance, however we have your back with tips that will make this season easier to manage.

Weather is Unpredictable

Understanding that Weather is always predictable will make any disaster easy to deal with. Be prepared with food, gas, shovels, de-icing materials and even a generator so you can easily relax, however if the budget is too much for you, North Eastern Cleaning will provide affordable assistance.

Mark your driveway with reflective posts so your driveway gets plowed and not your lawn and landscape. The snow has to go somewhere. Plan it out. Also remember that your four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle is not invincible and as safe as you think.

Take a break and stay home until the roads are cleaned. Have an enjoyable snow day off like you did as a kid.

Keep Up with Weather Reports

Dressing warm is a must and if you do end up going out into a storm, remember to stay ALERT. Your surroundings aren't exactly what they seem when covered with mounds and mounds of snow.

If you don't want to be bombarded with inches upon inches of snow, keep up with the storm. Remove a few inches of snow at a time instead of a large amount. Typically snow removal should be done every 4 to 6” so it’s manageable and walkable.

Snow shoveling is like working out, so don’t overexert yourself and stay in the right mindset. Consider using a snowblower, then there will be little to no snow shoveling. Better yet hire our teams at North Eastern Cleaning. We will do the job expertly for an affordable price. Mention our blog for 20% off a snow service.

A Salty Situation

Salt is an essential tool to use to help fight the incoming snow storm. It is however, prone to causing damage. Prevent salt damage by switching from salt to safer ice melting products.

Apply de-icing material carefully! Stay away from lawn and landscape areas and the edges of driveways and walkways. Dogs, cats, and other animals hate the salt as well, it hurts their paws! There are many pet safe products that can be used to make pet safe areas for your furry friends.

Avoid making walking paths on your lawn since over time walking on snow and ice will damage or kill the dormant lawn.

These are some tips to help you get prepared for the incoming snow season. Don't worry, there will be more winter tips in the coming future.

Call North Eastern Cleaning at 212-461-4048 or email us at for more tips or assistance. We are available 24/7, any day of the year.

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