Rodent Proofing

Mice have been plaguing humans for about as long as humans have been around. They are notorious for infesting homes and buildings thanks to their ability to slip through the smallest of entry points.

Mice are more than just a nuisance. They can make people sick and should be removed from homes as quickly as possible. For businesses, mice can cause serious inventory loss, property damage and also pose health risks for any food-bases business.


While we work to get rid of your problem, we will proof your home. We will seal off all Water Lines, Gas Lines, Heating Lines, Appliances, Baseboards, Closets with a combination of Steel Wool, Mesh and Thin Set.

Some places may even require door sweeps for front entrance doors.


We will trap and bait the rodents using traps. These specialized traps will get the job done and leave you satisfied. However, these traps typically only work with a light infestation and cannot prevent new pests from entering into the premises.

Proper sanitation is always important and you must proof and seal up all cracks and crevices to eliminate pest entry.

A follow-up treatment and visit from our teams may be necessary.

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North Eastern Cleaning


North Eastern Cleaning


Mice are a very common pest for many residents and are often treated with lengthy trapping and baiting plans by most pest control companies. Baiting services are meant to eliminate or control the population of mice that currently reside in a specific dwelling but do not provide for a long term solution. If you eliminate the mice that have become nuisance but do not treat areas of their entry then you have only provided yourself with temporary mice control. 

One common misconception about mice is that they always enter at the base of your home and before our teams started to investigate mouse removal and prevention services, decades ago when we first started, we believed this to be the case as well. Mice are actually great climbers and can enter through areas of a homes roof or gutter lines. Being on so many roofs for other services we occasionally see mice droppings in gutters and on chimney ledges near openings that led directly into a homes attic. This reinforces the fact that mice will enter through areas other than a homes foundation as well as the fact that a home can be mouse proofed if all proper areas are sealed. 

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